Buy CBD oil online but be aware

start CBD oil businessYou might be wondering why a small bottle of CBD oil is so expensive. Well, there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes. Before you buy CBD oil online, have a peek into what all goes into the process of CBD oil extraction and more.

The process of cultivation

Even though cannabis is cultivated outdoors. Cultivators usually prefer a system of hydroponics. The cannabis plant grows in a non-soil medium exposed to nutrient and soil flow. For outdoor cultivation, the cannabis seeds are sowed; the seeds are then planted and harvested.

Methods of extracting CBD oil 

CBD oil extraction is a very complicated process. All the plant components like leaves, stalk, and flowers have significantly different purposes.  Here are some of the traditional methods of extraction:

  1. By cold compressing method

According to the reports, cold compressed oils are healthier than refined oils. By extracting oil from hemp seeds using refining process degrade nutrients like vitamin E and oleic acid. A larger presser squeezes out all the oil in this process. This process extracts 80-90% of the oil.

  1. Extracting oil from ethanol

By using a rotatory evaporator, the two are separated. A high vacuum is created, which lowers the boiling point of ethanol, resulting in quicker evaporation. The only downside of this process it can affect the taste and color of the final product.

  1. Decarboxylation method using Carbon dioxide

It’s a critical process that activates active components present in the hemp and cannabis seeds. After that, the plant is soaked in ethanol for some time. The machinery involved is costly, due to which CBD oil gets costlier. Buy CBD oil online as it renders multiple seller options.

The answer to what makes buying CBD oil so pricey?

Before CBD oil is ready for sale, a lot of laboratory testing is done to ensure that it is safe for consumer use.

The testing requires a lot of machinery, time, money, and labor. Also, the manufacturers ensure that they earn a marginal profit at every step. This adds to the total buying cost of CBD oil.

CBD oil testing is not free

With the demand for CBD oil skyrocketing, the testing of this oil makes the price even steeper. During the entire manufacturing process, the cosmetic scientist and lab technicians test the quality and safety of CBD products. The numerous functions and the technicality involved in each one of them add to buying cost.

The retailing expenses and costs

Most of the manufacturers sell directly to the consumers and public; however, few rely on retailers. This adds a little more to the final price. To pay their bills, retailers add a markup, which makes it even more expensive.

The next time you wonder why the little bottle is so expensive, consider the farmer, the lab technician, the manufacturer, and the retailer.

Try and avoid CBD products from manufacturers who are reluctant to provide factual information or use vague labeling as they may fake the products.

Want to buy CBD oil online!? 

Always choose a product with a COA. Checking the layout of the compounds infused in the product is mandatory for good health benefits.

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