CBD Night Time Moisturizer: Dry Skin, No More!

Skin Dryness And What It Can Further Do

A lot of people tend to take dry skin for granted and usually get over-the-counter or grocery quick fixes that only give temporary relief or a band-aid solution. Dry skin is medically referred to as Xerosis or Xenoderma and is characterized by tightness of the skin, rough to the feel with some itchiness, peeling with areas ‘cracked’ that sometimes open to a wound and development of wrinkles. Left untreated, skin dryness can actually progress to worse skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis among others.

CBD Night Time Moisturizer: Treat Dry Skin While You Sleep

Night time is the body’s recharge time. Upon sleeping, the body gets back to its homeostatic state where cells and organ systems re-harmonize with each other working to make the body’s systems once again to reach its optimum processes that were disorganized by poor lifestyle and environmental hazards. The body repairs everything while people are asleep. And so, the best way to treat dry skin is at night time.

With the surge of the different skin care products in the market today, especially with the advent of online selling, products are a dime a dozen but most of them, while giving instant or temporary relief, sad to say, some do more harm than good over time because of the harsh chemicals used as ingredients.

A wise alternative can be a CBD night time moisturizer. As we know, moisturizers hydrate skin surface layers. Moisturizers seal-in nutrients and moisture and further protects the skin from environmental irritants. But a moisturizer infused with CBD or Cannabidiol works wonders.

CBD (Cannabidiol, also called cannabis or hemp) is the chemical component extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant (marijuana). It is the main ingredient in medical marijuana because it is not addictive and not harmful to the body and is devoid of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component in marijuana that produces the feeling of ‘high’ or euphoria. Since raw marijuana is more readily available legally or illegally, people obtain it and burn it (smoke) to get the medical effects but the smoker unfortunately, develops a habit because of its addictive THC property.

While asleep, a CBD night time moisturizer will not only expedite the body’s natural skin healing, it is also an anti-inflammatory that prevents dry skin to develop into the worse skin illnesses because it treats skin dryness very effectively.

Although there had been a study back in 2017 where reports of some people complained of tiredness, loose bowel movement and decreased appetite and weight after using CBD skin care products, one of them, a CBD night time moisturizer, they benefits definitely outweighs the cons. In truth, there are worse side effects to antibiotics, chemical ingredients or therapies that dermatologists prescribe compared to using CBD night time moisturizer since it is organic.

There are a lot of added bonuses in using CBD night time moisturizer. Because of using CBD as an ingredient in this type of skin care, it just does not treat dry skin but also other ailments as well as anxiety, insomnia and other pain conditions. And it is also important to note that in looking for the right moisturizer, look for products with more oil than water and is best for dry skin because dry skin lacks natural sebum. CBD is normally infused as oil so this takes the step up in night time skin care.