Why Doctors Prescribe CBD To Their Patients

Doctors globally have been researching various plants, finding possible cures for the many medical conditions that people may suffer from. One of the plants that have been under investigation is the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has been one of the drugs that people have used for centuries; this is the reason it captured doctors’ attention and the reason they tried to figure out if the plant has any medicinal qualities. After the investigation, it was discovered that several medical advantages could be derived from phytocannabinoid plants, including the cannabis plant and hemp. One of the extracts from the materials is called cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD. CBD makes up about 40% of the extract from the plants and has been known to have some medicinal capabilities. Some of the most common capabilities include;

Pain Killer

The first way CBD was used for medicinal purposes was as a pain killer. People suffer from pain due to various reasons. Some conditions also cause extreme pain to the victims, and pain killers have to be prescribed. CBD can be used as a pain killer due to its ability to react with the nervous system. When consumed or introduced to the body, CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system, binding with the nervous system. Once bonded, it slows the nervous system and makes it less responsive to pain. For this reason, many doctors prescribe CBD products to patients who suffer from consistent pain in their lives.


CBD can also be used to induce sleep among patients. Some people suffer from insomnia or other conditions that may affect their sleeping patterns. This could lead to sleep deprivation, which is harmful to the body and brain. Doctors could prescribe CBD to induce sleep among the patients to help improve their medical condition or avoid further challenges from occurring. CBD has a calming effect on the body. Once consumed, it might help the patient calm down and relax, thus leading to sleep.

Deal with Cancer Symptoms

CBD can be beneficial to cancer patients. Cancer is one of the deadliest medical conditions in the world. Patients suffering from the condition have to endure a lot of symptoms that cause pain and suffering. Doctors noticed that CBD has the ability to deal with some of the symptoms and help make the patients more comfortable. Some of the symptoms that CBD helps reduce include; vomiting, pain, nausea, and reduced appetite.

Heart Health

The other reason doctors prescribe CBD is to help improve heart health. The heart may suffer from several conditions that might be fatal. But with CBD, some of the conditions might be treated, or their effects reduced t ensure people remain healthy and alive. The first effect CBD has on the heart is reducing the heart rate. Reduction to the rate at which the heart pumps blood may help avoid issues such as high blood pressure or reduce the rate of increase of blood pressure. Doing this might help to reduce the risk of several conditions such as stroke and heart attack.